Urban Ballers

        “This app is for urban ballers basketball club (UBB) based in Southeast England. It allows easy access to often used information such as calendar dates for events or fixtures, contact details. The club can keep its members up to date via push notifications.”

Sharp Barcode Scanner

        Sharp Barcode is a sensitive and easy-to-use barcode scanner app, used for reading various Barcodes Such as QR, EAN, UPC … To scan a barcode, place the barcode within the blue borders of the scanner. Scan results can be copied and looked up on Bing, Google, and Yahoo.

Jungle Puzzle

      Jungle puzzle is a game that tests a person’s ingenuity. You are required to put the pieces together, in order to arrive at the correct image. You can choose a challenge (from a number of Wild animals) as well as select difficulty (6, 20 & 28 pieces).

We Love Colors

  We love colors app is specially developed for persons who play a lot with colors. Fashion designers, artisans, app developers … choosing, analyzing and identifying colors made easy. Over 500 colors with their respective names, hex code, RGB value and Microsoft Access Code Number.